Frequently Asked Questions

What is an auction?

An Auction is simply a transparent method of selling that incentives buyers to compete for items in an effort to achieve fair market value for sellers. To learn more about Auctions, visit our What is an Auction page.

Can I put a reserve price on my items?

In certain circumstances, a reserve price can be placed on high value items. We sell the majority of our assets without reserve, our buyers have become used to this. As the buyers become more certain that items will sell, they typically compete and bid fair market value. To learn more about what reserves are and when they are used visit our Understanding Reserve & Absolute Auctions.

What is the difference between a live, online, and simulcast auction?

All three of these methods can be effective, at Pearce & Associates we mainly conduct Online Auctions. To learn more about each type visit Types of Auctions and Their Pros/Cons.

What is the difference between an Estate/Tag Sale and an Auction?

There are a number of differences between these methods of sale, visit our Estate Sale vs Auction page to learn more.

Are real estate auctions always foreclosure sales?

No! 99% of the real estate we sell at auction has nothing to do with foreclosure. To learn more visit Auctions Are Not Synonymous with Foreclosure.

How do I identify a reputable and professional auctioneer/auction company?

Visit our How to Identify a Professional Auction Company page to learn more.

What is the process like if I hire you?

Visit our Auction Process page to learn more.

What is Pearce & Associates specialty and what geographic areas do we service?

Pearce & Associates is a general auction company located in Charleston, SC. Through our partnerships in MarkNet Alliance, we can provide our clients asset solutions across the country. This means we have experience selling a variety of asset classes. Our main areas of focus are Estate Auctions, Business Liquidations, Collector Cars, and Real Estate. 

Questions about Buying? Learn how to create an account, register to bid, and place a bid at our page.