How to Sell Farm/Land/Real Estate

Selling Farms, Land, & Homes

Selling real estate is an exciting and stressful process. While the traditional method of selling real estate can be a great option, selling real estate at auction can also provide great results. Please reach out for a free confidential analysis of your real estate to determine if it is right for auction. Below we will discuss circumstances where an auction can be the best option for selling real estate and how the process works.

Benefits of Selling Real Estate at Auction

-No Contingencies 

-Buyer pays survey/closing costs


-Competitive Environment 


Real Estate That Works at Auction





Circumstances that work well for an auction

-Need to sell real estate quickly

-Need to sell real estate and all personal property contents

-Have a large amount of acreage that would sell better in parcels

Proprietary Ultimate Choice Software

The “Ultimate Choice” system is a web based bidding system that allows someone to sell raw land, building lots, condos or any asset selling in a combination format. It allows bidders to bid on individual tracts or a combination of tracts throughout the auction.