How to Liquidate a Business/Business Surplus

There are numerous reasons that it is time to liquidate a business. Whether your reason is retirement or business closure an auction can be a great method to liquidate your business assets. If you have an operating business and are desiring to liquidate surplus assets, an auction can be a great method as well. Let's explore the process we use at Pearce & Associates and look at some of the benefits to using an auction for a business liquidation or to sell surplus business assets. 

Important Note:

-Avoid a big sale: holding a big sale can be effective in selling the more significant items, however without your more significant items it will be harder to liquidate the remaining items. This will result in worse results on the remaining items. Your most significant items will bring more buyers, who will also compete for less significant items. 

Why an auction?

-Timely: an auction can liquidate a business/business surplus in a matter of weeks.

-Decreased workload and stress: we are a full service auction firm providing set-up (tagging, cataloging, photographing), professional and precise marketing campaigns, invoicing of buyers, and management of asset pick-up by buyers.

-Maximum Exposure

-Represents true market value

-Reasonable commission

-Total Transparency: our system accounts for every bid and dollar placed on items

Why Pearce & Associates Auction Company?

Pearce & Associates has been trusted with the liquidation of hundreds of businesses over our 40 year history. We have had the privilege of conducting auctions for large corporations including AT&T, KBR Construction, ERS Construction, and Alabama Power. Some of these clients have worked with us for over 15 years. We have liquidated businesses in numerous verticals for a wide variety of reasons. As small business owners, we understand how important your business is to you and we understand the amount of work and the financial importance that your business carries. As experts in conducting and marketing online auctions, we are able to continuously provide service and results that are clients are pleased with. Our company is a part of MarkNet Alliance, this alliance has over 60 partner companies all across the United States. When you hire Pearce & Associates, you don’t just get our experience and resources, but also the experience and resources of our entire alliance. We have a database of nearly 800,000 bidders worldwide.

What if my business liquidation includes Real Estate?

Please read this post to learn about the process of auctioning real estate and whether your real estate is a good candidate for auction.

What if I want to sell my business as an operating business?

An auction is likely not the best method for selling a business as an operating business.