Certified Estate Specialist

Your expert guide through the complex and comprehensive process of estate liquidation.

Experts who care
Finding someone to trust when searching for guidance surrounding a loved one's estate can be daunting. Families take a lifetime to acquire and maintain their assets, selling these assets can be stressful. A certified estate specialist can you provide you with comfort and confidence when it comes time to sell. They also understand the emotional and legal complexities surrounding an estate.  
At Pearce &  Associates, we are proud to have been trusted by hundreds of estate executors to handle the estates of their loved ones.

What can we help you sell?

Real Estate
Real property involved in an estate can be a perfect candidate for auction. We sell all real estate as-is, with no contingencies. This allows the heirs to avoid high repair costs and drastically reduces the workload on the estate.

Personal Property
  We have nearly 40 years of experience selling personal property assets including, but not limited to jewelry, antiques, collector cars, vehicles, and collections. Leverage our experience and marketing expertise to expose your assets to the correct target markets.

Why sell with Pearce:

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Access to Over 800,000 Bidders
Dedicated and Personal Service

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