How to Sell a Collection

Every collector knows the amount of time, money, and care they have invested to amass their collection. At a certain point, a collector has to decide what they will do with their collection. They can donate it to a museum, pass it on to kids, or they can sell it. If you are considering selling your collection, you will want to feel comfortable that it is sold with the same care and attention you have devoted to it. Let's look at the process we use at Pearce & Associates when selling a collection and some of the benefits to selling a collection at auction. 

The Process

1. Inventory the Assets in Your Collection

2. Reach Out

3. Contract

4. Pearce Staff Set Up

5. Run Online Auction & Marketing Campaign

6. Pearce Staff Pick Up and Payment

7. Check in Your Hand

Why an auction?

-Timely: selling a vehicle by auction can take a matter of weeks

-Decreased workload and stress: we are a full service auction firm providing set-up (tagging, cataloging, photographing), professional and precise marketing campaigns, invoicing of buyers, and management of asset pick-up by buyers.

-Maximum Exposure 

-Represents true market value


-Total Transparency: can account for every bid and dollar 

Why Pearce & Associates?

We have sold many different types of collections over our 40 year history. These collections have included collector cars, jewelry, animal mounts, firearms, and more. At Pearce & Associates, some of our staff are guilty of collecting ourselves. We understand the fun that comes with amassing a collection and we understand the trepidations that come with selling. We have access to a bidder pool of over 800,000 bidders across the world, these bidders have varying interests and keenly wait for items to come up for bid. Along with our large bidder pool, we are also well versed in specialized marketing that will expose your collection to the right people.