How to Liquidate an Estate

How to Liquidate an Estate

In the unfortunate circumstance of a family member or loved one passing, the last thing that you should be burdened with is the decision making and workload centered around handling the assets of the estate. This process can be daunting and time consuming, that is why it can be valuable to have a partner in the process that can assist in relieving some of this workload. Whether the reason for liquidation is to generate cash, aid in downsizing, or other we can help. Please reach out for a free confidential analysis of your assets to determine if your estate is right for auction. Below we will provide some insight into how an online auction can be the best methodology for an estate liquidation.

Why an auction?

Auctions, if handled by a professional and reputable company, can be an incredibly effective and efficient way to liquidate an estate. Benefits of a professionally managed and marketed auction:

-Timely: A typical auction can liquidate an estate in a matter of weeks.

-Decreased workload and stress: we are a full service auction firm providing set-up (tagging, cataloging, photographing), professional and precise marketing campaigns, invoicing of buyers, and management of asset pick-up by buyers. 

-Maximum Exposure

-Represents true market value

-Reasonable commission: no hourly fees charged to the estate, just a reasonable and agreed upon commission

-Total Transparency: our system accounts for every bid and dollar placed on items

What kind of assets are often sold at auction in estates?

For an auction to produce the best results, there typically needs to be a draw item. Draw items may include real estate, vehicles, firearms, equipment, etc. These draw items bring bidders to the auction where they will also browse through remaining items including furniture, collectibles, etc. Without a draw item, it is difficult to market the auction and capture the intrigue of the market. Please reach out for a free confidential analysis of your assets to determine if an auction is the right option. 

Why Pearce & Associates Auction Company?

Pearce & Associates has had the pleasure of being trusted with the liquidation of thousands of estates over our 40 year history. We know that every situation is different and that the events surrounding the liquidation of an estate can be very emotional. As a family run company, we strive to treat our clients like family and do our best to handle their situation with care. As experts in conducting and marketing online auctions, we are able to continuously provide service and results that are clients are pleased with. Our company is a part of MarkNet Alliance, this alliance has over 60 partner companies all across the United States. When you hire Pearce & Associates, you do not just get our experience and resources, but also the experience and resources of our entire alliance. We have a database of nearly 800,000 bidders worldwide.

What if my estate includes Real Estate?

Please visit this post to learn about the process of auctioning real estate and whether your real estate would be a good candidate for auction.

What if my families estate is in another state?

Even if the estate you are managing is located in another state, please reach out to us. We would be happy to put you in contact with one of our reputable MarkNet Alliance partners. We have partners licensed in all U.S. states.