How to Sell a Collector Car, Boat, or Motorcycle

How to sell Collector Cars, Boats, & Motorcycles

When it comes time to sell your collector car, boat, or motorcycle there are many methods to do so. The common theme of many of these methods are that they require time and effort on your part. It requires you to address lowball offers, coordinate viewings, and settle for average exposure. Below we will provide some insight into how an online auction can be the best methodology for selling your collector car, boat, or motorcycle. 

Important Notes

-Assess how much money you owe on the vehicle

-Insure you have clear title

Why an auction?

-Timely: selling a vehicle by auction can take a matter of weeks

-Decreased workload and stress: we are a full service auction firm providing set-up (tagging, cataloging, photographing), professional and precise marketing campaigns, invoicing of buyers, and management of asset pick-up by buyers.

-Maximum Exposure 

-Represents true market value


-Total Transparency: can account for every bid and dollar 

Why Pearce & Associates?

Pearce & Associates has been trusted with sale of thousands of collector cars over our 40 year history. Our founder and owner, Chip Pearce, is a car nut and expert. He is considered an expert in collector car appraisals as well. Pearce & Associates has a separate division,, completely dedicated to collector car auctions. We have amassed an impressive following of car enthusiasts and can provide a very competitive bidding environment surrounded around your vehicle. We have also sold countless boats and motorcycles, both of which do very well at auction, especially when well marketed. As part of MarkNet Alliance, a group consisting of over 60 partner auction companies across the U.S., we have nearly 800,000 registered online bidders.